How To Sign Up

Getting Started with EdReady

STEP 1: Choose an existing goal or set up a custom goal. Use the menus available on the Available Goals page to select a pre­existing goal, or design a goal of your own. Not sure which goal is right for you? Contact Deb at

STEP 2: Request a teacher’s account. For each teacher planning to use EdReady, use the ESUCC EdReady Registration Form to enter the teacher’s information and request their goal(s).

STEP 3: ESUCC will create your account and goal keys. ESUCC will then send you an email with further instructions.

STEP 4: Student registration. Students need school e­mail addresses and their Goal Key to register at For complete details, see the EdReady Quick Start Guide for Nebraska Students.

How to have a student sign up for an additional goal?

STEP 1: Have your student log in to her/his account.

STEP 2: Have student click on the "Enter a Key" as shown with the arrow. (See sample illustration below)

STEP 3: Have student enter the new goal key.

The next time the student logs in, he/she will need to click on the new goal and start with the diagnostic and a new learning path.

Want to take a look at what the students will see and what the content includes? See this

As a teacher, if you want to preview the content, you can go to preview.edready,org where you can enter as a guest, take a short demo diagnostic and then see the entire content of what is all in EdReady. This is the only way for you as a teacher to access the content. You can also find additional information on the Math Resources page or the English Resources page.