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As you analyze data from your EdReady implementation, use these questions to drive data conversations that focus on continuous improvement.

Facts: What do I see?

Interpretations: What does the data suggest?

Implications: What does this mean for our work?

Next Steps: So what am I going to do?

HELP! I can't see any student data

It looks like you're on the "Student Data" tab of your reports dashboard - this view is useful if you want to see detailed information about an individual student, but I think you're likely most interested in the reports available from the Study Paths with Student Activity tab (it should open by default when you log in). Click the Reports link for your 'ACT Math Preparation' study path to see the on-screen reports.

By default the Overview (summary) report will open, but if you click the Student Data tab near the top of the report you'll get into the class roster reports that list all your students and their scores.

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