Why Use EdReady?

The WHY (Who are we trying to help: a sampling)

•KYLE- never mastered fractions in fifth grade and now struggles in Algebra

•CAMILA- an English language learner struggles to keep pace with her classes

•TONY- scored 18 on the math component & 17 on the English component on his ACT, and now as a senior his Accuplacer assessment suggests he will need to enroll in remedial courses in college

•SARAH- is enrolled in the CTE program for nursing, but struggles with math (EdReady Math is aligned to 144 career pathways, so Sarah can get the specific math that is needed for nursing, or welding, or any of the 144 career pathways)


...we could help ensure NE HS students graduate with the requisite skills needed to succeed in postsecondary college or a career?

...we could catch kids before they fall too far behind~ by identifying & addressing gaps before it’s too late?

...we could help students gain both content knowledge and the "habits of success" by providing opportunities for students to work towards their own individual goals by following the self-directed learning cycle of setting goals, planning their process, learning new information, showing their learning and reflecting on the process?

NE Career Readiness Checklist.pdf

NE Standards for Career Readiness Checklist

Three Educational Pathways to Good Jobs

The economy that once provided good jobs for young workers with a high school education or less now favors workers with at least some education and training beyond high school. Whereas two out of three entry-level jobs in the industrial economy demanded a high school diploma or less, now two out of three jobs demand at least some education or training beyond high school. While automation, globalization, and up-skilling have prompted this massive economic restructuring, there are still three pathways to good jobs.

Click here to see a visual report on the jobs outlook for our students.

2018EquityCommitments (1).pdf

EdReady was mentioned as a quality instructional resource in NDE's "Commitments for Equity in Education" report.


Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry's


October 30, 2018

Chamber's Slone: Unfilled jobs limit state's growth potential

(KLIN) -- KLIN.com reports that "tax reform and jobs are high on the list of priorities for Nebraska businesses." Last week, at a presentation before Lincoln Chamber members, Nebraska Chamber President Bryan Slone said "58,000 jobs remain unfilled in Nebraska" and "that is limiting the growth potential of Nebraska." Slone said that besides workforce, other State Chamber priorities "include tax reform, both property and income taxes." He noted that "new corporate tax incentive legislation is very important since the current proposal expires in 2020."