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Personalized Learning - Anytime... Anywhere For Schools and Individuals

EdReady Nebraska is a customizable personal learning experience that assists students in Nebraska from middle school through college to detect gaps in identified math and English skills and then provides opportunities to develop and enhance student learning.

Free and Customizable for Nebraska Learners

It's designed for those students who want to:

  • supplement their skills while taking a math or English Language Arts class
  • identify and revisit possible gaps in identified math or English Language Arts skills
  • practice math and language arts skills related to a variety of career pathways
  • reinforce foundational skills for future learning in math and English Language Arts
  • minimize ‘learning loss’

EdReady Nebraska, a free web tool for all Nebraska learners, is helping to create opportunities for students to shore up gaps in their learning. EdReady is a math and English readiness system that employs a knowledge inventory to personalize a learner’s path to discreet, foundational subject mastery within the context of a specific goal. The tool is provided by The NROC Project (NROC), an initiative that creates open and low-cost digital resources designed to be adapted and scaled to meet programmatic goals within a variety of instructional settings.